Paternity Testing Services
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About us

BabyDNA starts its operation in 2014, when realizing there is a pressing need for some people who needed an affordable and efficient DNA service to find out alleged relationship between parents and child, and relatives.
We are a pro-life company and provide DNA services that adopt the state-of-art technologies in efficiently identifying alleged relationship and not otherwise.
Therefore, it is in BabyDNA policy that their prenatal service is not for those who have plans for abortion following any undesirable DNA reports. BabyDNA will not make available their services to customer if abortion is in their planning.

BabyDNA亲子鉴定服务开创于2014年,当意识到能够 供最高效先进的DNA 技术给予有须求的人士,帮助找出父母与子女以及亲戚之间的亲子和亲属关系。 


我们也是一家支持生命的公司。因此,根据 BabyDNA 政策,BabyDNA 提供的产前DNA 亲子鉴定服务 不适合那些计划在接受DNA结果后进行流产的客户。如果客户有人工流产的计划,BabyDNA将不会提供此服务。