Paternity Testing Services
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BabyDNA offers Paternity/Maternity home DNA testing at most competitive and affordable price from just $480 (SGD) for testing alleged father/mother and child relationship. Other DNA testings such Genetic Health Predisposition test, Discreet and other relationship type of tests are also available.
Discreet forensic DNA testing can be performed from non-standard samples, such as blood, nail clippings, ear-wax, toothbrush, teeth, used kleenex, hankerchief and others.

BabyDNA以最具竞争力和实惠的价格提供亲子家庭DNA测试, 价格仅为$480 (SGD)用于测试涉嫌父亲/母亲和孩子的关系。 其他DNA测试如遗传,健康测试,谨慎的法医和其他关系类型的测试也可用。




At BabyDNA, all our paternal tests are performed in ISO 17025 and AABB accredited laboratories using state-of-the-art equipment. Our leading laboratories have performed over 300,000 successful cases, by adopting the most advance genetic technology of precision analysis with 16-22 STR marker test that enables result accuracy above 99.99+% probability. In addition, all DNA samples are analysed twice and reviewed by Ph.D staffs.  
Clients of BabyDNA can also be assured that their information will be kept private and confidential as all testings are carried out in overseas laboratories.

BabyDNA,我们所有的亲子家庭DNA测试都是在最领先的ISO 17025和AABB认可的实验室中, 使用最先进的设备进行的。 我们的实验室采用最先进的精确分析遗传技术和16-22 STR标记测试,已经完成了超过30万个成功案例,使结果准确度高于99.99 +%。 此外,所有DNA样本都进行了两次分析,并由博士研究人员进行审查。

基于BabyDNA所有测试都是在海外实验室进行的, 客户可放心,他们的信息将得到保密。
What is DNA Paternity Test?

DNA Paternity test is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. It is the use of DNA profiling (also known as genetic fingerprinting) to scientifically proof that a man is the biological father of an individual. A maternity test establishes whether a woman is the biological mother of an individual. Tests can also determine the likelihood of someone being a biological grandparent to a grandchild. 

In a DNA parentage test, the probability of parentage is typically 99.99% (called an inclusion) when a biological relationship exists. It is 0% when the alleged parent is not biologically related to the child (called an exclusion).  


DNA亲子鉴定是目前用于确定亲子关系的最先进,最准确的技术。 它是利用DNA分析(也称为遗传指纹识别)来科学证明一个人是个体的亲生父亲。 产科测试确定女性是否是个体的亲生母亲。 测试还可以确定某人是孙子,祖父,母的可能性。
在DNA亲子鉴定中,当存在生物关系时,亲子关系的概率通常为99.99%(称为包含)。 如果被指控的父母与孩子没有生物学相关(称为排除),则为0%。